Riley Hollobaugh

First year graphic designer at Seattle Central Creative Academy.

Orange Presentation: Intro Video

For our color theory class my team was tasked with presenting orange as a new corporate color to a fictional company. This video was a intro to the slideshow presentation.

This was my first time using after effects. It was fun to learn and I am quite proud of how it finished.

Icons from The Noun Project (

Voice over: Holly
Illustrator: Mandy
Illustrator: David B
Written by: John L

Animation/Editing: Riley H

Music from =


Blender Challenge

As a fun way to end the 1st quarter we did a blender challenge. My team was randomly given a character, a prob, and a line of dialogue.

We got: Billy Bob the hillbilly pirate, a spatula, and the line “I said what I meant, I meant what I said, an elephant is faithful 100%. We had some fun and this is what we came up with.


For our final assignment we had to find and take a photo of an assigned letter.  Mine was “R”.

portrait_galen (1 of 1)

A quick poster for a homework assignment. I used a complementary color scheme of blue-green and red-orange. The different tints of the two hues give the poster a sense of dimension.

Seattle Public Library Mobile App Redesign

For my first ever interactive design class we had to redesign the Seattle Public Library app. It was a pretty daunting task. But luckily I had an amazing team to work with! Alice, Jess and Galen. Team UD!(Go check out they’re blogs).

Here are two screenshots of the original app:

photo 2photo 3

After weeks of research and wireframes I made a prototype of our redesign using the iphone app POP. We used that prototype to get more feedback from users as well as to create a video of the redesigned app in use.

SPL Mobile App Redesign from Riley Hollobaugh on Vimeo.

And here is a Gallery of our app redesign. You may notice that some of the screens are different than the ones in the video. After the prototype was presented to users we kept on changing and fixing things right up to the deadline. We also added a feature: Customizable Home Page.

We presented our final redesign at the end of the quarter to some professionals in the UI/UX field. Their overall feedback was that our app was very professional and well executed but they did recommend some changes. They made the point that there is no “home page” in iphone apps and that the customization part was a bit of a hit and miss. It was a cool idea but in reality most people just want to use the app and get out as fast as they can. Meaning: they most likely wouldn’t customize the home page, or might get confused by it. Another major point they made was that we should have simplified the search result page a little more.

This was a great learning experience and a lot of fun despite how difficult it was.

Best F***ing ads (hw)

Old Spice | The man your man could smell like.

First of all, lets start with the big guys. Weiden+Kennedy developed this award winning Old Spice ad that aired during Super Bowl XLIV. That’s an automatic 201 million views. Once it was posted on YouTube it was viewed another 45 million times. Between this and being aired on news shows, Oprah, and the resulting television, interactive and twitter campaigns, it wouldn’t even be a stretch to say that this campaign has been viewed close to half a billion times. Their targeted audience was, strategically, women who buy toiletries for their men.

“That commercial has women everywhere wishing their boyfriends looked and smelled like this”


Through the entire campaign sales went up 107% | Our blades are f**king great.

Now the little guys who did it just as well. No bullshit, no budget, makes me want to shave my beard off just so I can subscribe. The people in the video work at, the presenter is the owner, and this commercial never aired on T.V. It was super cheap, but still drew upwards of 9.1 million views, from an audience who watched it because they wanted to, not because they had to. This ad helped enlist 12,000 costumers in their first two days. We could do this, Creative-Academy.

Honorable Mention | High blood pressure.

This one is just awesome.